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in-time, ableton, behringer fcb1010 footpedal, augustus loop

>> I'm a guitarist in San Diego, Ca. I'm working diligently
>> to wrap my mind around the integration of a realtime loop
>> capturing-editing onstage sound-tweaking rig. After searching the
>> archives, I'm still unsure of the best way to
>> configure my setup. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could 
>> offer
>> any advice or point me in the right direction.
>> Here's what I want to do:
>> I'm onstage with my band (guitar, bass, drums, vocals). We're playing
>> without a click or sequence or anything like that...

>> I hit a footpedal on my behringer fcb1010 to send a "begin recording 
>> audio #1" command.

>> I play my guitar riff... I hit another pedal for "record stop & store
>> audio recording for later playback".

>> The band plays awhile longer...

>> I then hit another pedal for "playback audio #1 once only". If i want 
>> it to
>> loop, i can hit another pedal for "playback and continue to loop 
>> audio #1".

>> If i want it silenced i can hit another pedal for "stop audio #1"

>> Of course, the audio is time stretched/squeezed to adapt to the band's
>> tempo. And I need all these commands to execute on a beat or 
>> bar-quantized timing.
>> I'm thinking this would be possible with ableton live, right?
>> Would it be best to use Augustus Loop?

>> I'll probably use Circular Logic's In-Time software for tempo 
>> interpreting from midi generated from either my guitar synth pickup 
>> or from a drum trigger.
>> Do you know of many people doing this kind of thing with much success?
>> Thanks very much to all in advance!
>> Griff Peters
>> www.griffpeters.com