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Re: in-time, ableton, behringer fcb1010 footpedal, augustus loop

On Jul 16, 2005, at 23:58, Griff Peters wrote:
>>> Here's what I want to do:
>>> I'm onstage with my band (guitar, bass, drums, vocals). We're  
>>> playing
>>> without a click or sequence or anything like that...
>>> I hit a footpedal on my behringer fcb1010 to send a "begin  
>>> recording audio #1" command.
>>> I play my guitar riff... I hit another pedal for "record stop &  
>>> store
>>> audio recording for later playback".
>>> The band plays awhile longer...
>>> I then hit another pedal for "playback audio #1 once only".
>>> If i want it to
>>> loop, i can hit another pedal for "playback and continue to loop  
>>> audio #1".

In Live 5 you will be able to do all this. The "loop" (or "not to  
loop") can now be addressed by MIDI. This means you can have one FCB  
button that will turn on/off the loop function. This assignment will  
address the selected clip.

Also, if you want a recording to start playing back directly as you  
go out of recording mode you will have to set the launching  
preferences to "Trigger" rather than "Toggle". This means that you  
can not stop a looping clip the normal way: by selecting it (by your  
pedal) a second time. The workaround for this is to start the gig  
with one dummy clip looping on each channel. The channel should be in  
recording mode so when you step the button for the next empty clip  
the recording will start. When you step it a second time it will stop  
recording and start playing back. When you want to stop this looping  
clip you simply step the button for selecting the dummy loop. The  
dummy can just be a bar of recorded silence.

In Live 5 you can also assign one of the expression pedals to the  
samples pitch parameter. This assignment will address the playing  
clip (loop) on the selected track. Cool feature ;-)

>>> If i want it silenced i can hit another pedal for "stop audio #1"

Yes. By selecting the silent dummy on the same track or by turning of  
"loop" for the clip you want silenced.

>>> Of course, the audio is time stretched/squeezed to adapt to the  
>>> band's
>>> tempo. And I need all these commands to execute on a beat or bar- 
>>> quantized timing.

Time stretching is what Live is about. A recorded bar is always one  
bare, in any tempo.

>>> I'm thinking this would be possible with ableton live, right?

Yes, as explained above.

>>> Would it be best to use Augustus Loop?

No, not for what you're saying that you want to do.

>>> I'll probably use Circular Logic's In-Time software for tempo  
>>> interpreting from midi generated from either my guitar synth  
>>> pickup or from a drum trigger.
>>> Do you know of many people doing this kind of thing with much  
>>> success?

No. But I have seen impressive demonstrations of Circular Logic and  
some people say it's awesome.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
--->  iTunes Music Store (digital)