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Re: zen and flatulent music (Marsalis Brothers)


In a message dated 7/16/05 10:41:56 AM, kris.hartung@hp.com writes:

Tangential comment...I thought it was interesting when on public TV,
Bradford Marsalis called Cecil Taylor's work self indulgent bullshit....

just goes to show how a very accomplished musician who is very
adept at jazz and improvisation can be completely indifferent to a
form of free jazz on the far end of the spectrum. Sort of funny that he
said that on TV, that history of jazz series program that came out on
DVD and VHS.

I thought that was Winton, not Branford. Oh well. While I've mildly
enjoyed some of the Marsalis brothers' stuff from time to time, Winton
is a much better classical player than a jazz player IMOHO. He's got
amazing technique but is a bit bloodless for my taste -- and a bit
of a "jazz nazi" on top of that. A prominent music critic friend
of mine refered to him as a "musical necrophilliac" in print once.
The Marsalis brothers seem to make a habit of dissing their betters.
A trait that does not endear them to some folks.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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