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Re: zen and flatulent music (Marsalis Brothers)

Ted's comment is also relevant to the thread a few
weeks back regarding Thinking of Titles for Musical
Pieces; there are 'bout fifty of 'em in this paragraph
alone! :)


--- ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:

> I thought that was Winton, not Branford. Oh well.
> While I've mildly 
> enjoyed some of the Marsalis brothers' stuff from
> time to time, Winton 
> is a much better classical player than a jazz player
> IMOHO. He's got
> amazing technique but is a bit bloodless for my
> taste -- and a bit 
> of a "jazz nazi" on top of that. A prominent music
> critic friend 
> of mine refered to him as a "musical necrophilliac"
> in print once.
> The Marsalis brothers seem to make a habit of
> dissing their betters.
> A trait that does not endear them to some folks.

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