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RE: a solo looping band: pb with feedback!

My Top 10 list to reduce feedback of acoustic instruments when looping:

1. Be sure the mics aren't pointing anywhere toward the speakers, even
if they are in front of you
2. Move the mic closer to the sound source so you can turn the
sensitivity down and close the feedback loop
3. If you are using an acoustic guitar like me, go direct and use a
sound hole cover
4. Try to find the offending frequency that is feeding back on the
instrument, and notch it out with a parametric EQ (or if you don't have
a parametic, try notching the mid, treble, or bass on your mixer
board...you might get lucky.
5. Buy a feedback eliminator (like Sabine)
6.  Turn down
7. Try a higher or mid-range quality, directional condensor mic
8. Buy  mini condensor mics and clip them to the sound source (means you
have to mic every instrument rather than using one mic to capture
many...which requires more space between the mic and instruments, and
thus creates more potential for feedback)
9. Last resort, don't mic the instrument(s)
10. Take some artistic liscence and built the feedback into your show!


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Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 7:23 AM
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Subject: a solo looping band: pb with feedback!


Like many of you, I am now able to play my music live in solo, with the
help of looping gear. In order to create interisting sound I used a
guitar plus several acoustic instruments like a glockenspiel and a

My problem is when I play live (no problem with headphone at home), I've
got serious feedback when I add several layers of acoustic instruments!

I am working with a boomerang (v1.0) wich is placed  at the aux send of
a little beringer. My guitar is connected to this beringer throuh a Pod
(line 6) and I record acoustic instruments (my voice too) with a sm57
microphone also connected to the mix table..

Has anyone any idea how I can improve all this?

the best will probably be to have several loopers but then I will have
another problem with synchronising all together

I don't know if we can nowadays looping with our foot in real time with
a computer?

thank you


hear what I am doing?