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Re: a solo looping band: pb with feedback!

Thanx Tim,i just installed a Trance Audio on my guitar
but haven´t been too happy with it because i installed
it myself and everybody that uses this systems say
that it requires a certain amount of vodoo;-)so i
guess ill let them do it next time i am in
california.The fact that it has its own dedicated
cable is also a bit of a drag so ill probably end up
putting an aditional magnetic on it with a separate
second output.
I was checking out the amazing guitarist Jon Gomm and
he also mentions the much cheaper belcat
transducers,have u try them?

--- Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com> wrote:

> --- "L. Angulo" <labalou2000@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Tim What kind of contact transducers do you use on
> > your guitar?
> Until the past year or so, the overwhelming majority
> of my live guitaring has been electric, with
> acoustic
> stuff relegated to in-the-studio with mics.
> Last year I tore apart my electric rig for the
> umpteenth time, and inertia/laziness/real life have
> conspired to delay me settling on how I'm going to
> reconfigure it. In the meantime, whenever I've
> played
> anywhere, I've just taken a bunch of pedals and sort
> of improvised a setup with varying degrees of
> success.
> It HAS helped me work on versatility and thinking on
> my feet, though. The acoustic to electric ratio has
> risen dramatically.
> But to answer your question, here's what's picking
> up
> my acoustics:
> 1) Washburn Monterey:  stock Washburn undersaddle
> piezo into an aftermarket onboard Washburn Equis
> preamp (replacing the passive volume and tone that
> came on the guitar).
> 2) Fretless Yamaha classical: Dean Markley
> under-the-saddle piezo strip (looks sorta like
> tinfoil
> with 6 lumpy spots) into an onboard Belcat EQ-7545
> preamp. This one's become one of my main instruments
> these days.
> 3) Sitar: K&K Twinspot, with one piezo under the
> main
> bridge and t'other under the sympathetics. Some
> sorta
> preamp would be nice with this, but I haven't gotten
> around to it... I hardly ever play out with this
> one.
> 4) Cello: K&K Big Shot under the foot of the bridge
> on
> the bass side. (Ditto for the note about a pre.)
> 5) Epiphone Jumbo, Nashville-strung: Magnetic
> soundhole pickup. (I forget the brand...)
> 6) Takamine 12 string, strung in unison pairs
> AADDAADDAADD: stock Takamine undersaddle piezo and
> preamp (Got that tuning from Väsen's Roger Tallroth)
> 7) Hurdy-gurdy: cheapo Schatten contact piezo
> mounted
> inside on the soundboard. (This one could REALLY use
> a
> preamp with as many bands of eq as possible)
> 8) Tanpura: K&K Big Shot under the bridge
> 9) Oud: No-name contact piezo on the soundboard.
> (Actually, right now it's just acoustic, since the
> adhesive dried up and the piezo fell off, and I
> haven't put it back on...)
> 10) Sojing electric nylon string: Belcat undersaddle
> piezo and EQ-7545 preamp.
> Also, my main electric (a Steinberger Spirit GT
> modded
> into a Klein shape for added comfort and resonance)
> has a cheapo dynamic mic element installed where the
> middle pickup used to be.
> -t-
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