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Re: a solo looping band: pb with feedback!

--- "L. Angulo" <labalou2000@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Tim What kind of contact transducers do you use on
> your guitar?

Until the past year or so, the overwhelming majority
of my live guitaring has been electric, with acoustic
stuff relegated to in-the-studio with mics.

Last year I tore apart my electric rig for the
umpteenth time, and inertia/laziness/real life have
conspired to delay me settling on how I'm going to
reconfigure it. In the meantime, whenever I've played
anywhere, I've just taken a bunch of pedals and sort
of improvised a setup with varying degrees of success.
It HAS helped me work on versatility and thinking on
my feet, though. The acoustic to electric ratio has
risen dramatically.

But to answer your question, here's what's picking up
my acoustics:
1) Washburn Monterey:  stock Washburn undersaddle
piezo into an aftermarket onboard Washburn Equis
preamp (replacing the passive volume and tone that
came on the guitar).
2) Fretless Yamaha classical: Dean Markley
under-the-saddle piezo strip (looks sorta like tinfoil
with 6 lumpy spots) into an onboard Belcat EQ-7545
preamp. This one's become one of my main instruments
these days.
3) Sitar: K&K Twinspot, with one piezo under the main
bridge and t'other under the sympathetics. Some sorta
preamp would be nice with this, but I haven't gotten
around to it... I hardly ever play out with this one.
4) Cello: K&K Big Shot under the foot of the bridge on
the bass side. (Ditto for the note about a pre.)
5) Epiphone Jumbo, Nashville-strung: Magnetic
soundhole pickup. (I forget the brand...)
6) Takamine 12 string, strung in unison pairs
AADDAADDAADD: stock Takamine undersaddle piezo and
preamp (Got that tuning from Väsen's Roger Tallroth)
7) Hurdy-gurdy: cheapo Schatten contact piezo mounted
inside on the soundboard. (This one could REALLY use a
preamp with as many bands of eq as possible)
8) Tanpura: K&K Big Shot under the bridge
9) Oud: No-name contact piezo on the soundboard.
(Actually, right now it's just acoustic, since the
adhesive dried up and the piezo fell off, and I
haven't put it back on...)
10) Sojing electric nylon string: Belcat undersaddle
piezo and EQ-7545 preamp.

Also, my main electric (a Steinberger Spirit GT modded
into a Klein shape for added comfort and resonance)
has a cheapo dynamic mic element installed where the
middle pickup used to be.


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