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please allow me to introduce myself

hello,i guess if im going to comunicate here i should divulge some info.im into creating real time soundscapes via the loop/12 string acoustic thru a line 6 dl4.only been looping since dec.2005,its been a new begining for me as an performer,i feel like a kid in a candy store.i really really enjoy the loopers delight web site and have learned a lot from reading the mailing list.im improvisational in style i like the sounds of al demieola/adrian legg/micheal headges/stanley jordan/ottmar liebert/buckethead/steve roach/tangerine dream/howard shore/ravi shankar/junior brown/are the names i remember/ im always dazed while listening to "ecoes"on npr(favorite radio program)i guess seeing keller williams at hookaville was when it all became clear that looping was the path i must follow.lol"funny how your mind works on shrooms"i hope to learn a lot from all of you loopers here.      scary visionary.

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