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Re: Slightly OT: headphone monitoring for home recordings

Try this,
      get a cheap set of small speakers. Back int he day I used Aurtones, small 6" boxes with a 5" speaker. Today, I use Altec computer speakers with the sub nearly off.
    The small set of speakers will help you balance sounds, resulting in better translation from one playback environment to another.
    I'd nix's the headphones for mixing. It's an unreal listening environment. When mixing get the sound on the bigger speakers, and balance on the smaller. When you are done, the mix should sound good on both sets, or....your not done.

-------Original Message-------
Date: 07/29/05 10:13:27
Subject: Slightly OT: headphone monitoring for home recordings
I just might be in the market for a good set of
headphones to use in home multitrack recording /
mixing.  I also have a set of near-field monitors, but
they lack a lot of low end bass response, so I was
thinking it might be cheaper to get some decent
headphones than to buy (a) new monitors or (b) a
subwoofer.  I currently tend to get very bassy mixes
without realizing it due to the monitors.  My goal
would probably be to listen to mixes both via
headphones and monitors to get a decent "picture" of
the sound I've got going on.
So, any recommendations on a decent (maybe around $100
or so) set of studio type headphones?
Other suggestions?