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Re: Musical places/venues in London?

Hey daniel.  

If you haven't become acquainted with Steve Lawson yet, or his music, 
do so by following this link.  http://www.steve-lawson.co.uk/home.shtml

He is very generous person and a fantastic musician and I'm sure could give
you a few venues to check out in london.  He just started a looping series
of his own as well.

He does lurk here as well, but I'm not sure he would have seen your post
yet.  Contact him through his website after checking out his music...

All best on your educational visit to london.  I for one am a fan of the
music from YOUR neck of the woods.

All best to you,



On 11/1/05 9:00 AM, "Daniel Fredriksson" <dalfrn98@student.umu.se> wrote:

> Hey, my name is Daniel Fredriksson, I'm a musician from the north of
> Sweden. I'm not a looper yet, but plan to get in to it. I'm into
> experimental music and folk/worldmusic.
> This might be a little OT, but I hope it's OK.
> I'm going to London tomorrow, sort an educational visit. I have one
> day of and will go and spread some cd:s around the town. Sort of
> promos for my solostuff and also for a band called Godrun.
> Does anyone have suggestions to venues that would book  an as yet
> unsigned band from Sweden if they really like the music? Godrun plays
> rock/punkmusic with a worldmusic-touch and backtrack throuch an MPC.
> Also booking agencys/record labels/festival etc is interesting.
> Actually, any other suggestions for places of musical interest in
> London I would be thankful for!
> Thanks a bunch!
> Daniel Fredriksson
> daniel@silkwood.se
> www.silkwood.se

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³Classical music is related to the past more than it is related to the
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