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Re: Programming the Behringer FCB1010 for Echoplex use, a quick guide

I'm curious if anyone is controlling both the EDP and Repeater with the 
FCB.   Care to share how you have the presets configured?

I have a few banks set up, but need to do some "housecleaning" in there 
for more conciseness, less duplication.  One issue is I have both Ex 
Pedals tied up for Repeater, and need to free one for EDP Volume and 
Feedback control.  

Fun I've been having: pre-set Repeater for Reverse, then one FCB Preset 
starts both EDP and Repeater recording, with another tap for the loop to 
begin.  Then I tap another Preset to Forward Repeater, so I have both 
forward and backward going simultaneously...