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Re: Programming the Behringer FCB1010 for Echoplex use, a quick guide

Hey David,
I am also considering doing "cleansing" by connecting
an additional foot controller to only control my
preamp and effects,then a second one only for the
Repeater and EDP.I am sending all kinds of MIDI
comands to both loopers plus efx processor and when i
do a lot of stomping they sometimes react
weird,specially the repeater.I also could access
presets and put them into the loops quicker than
scrolling to the Banks.
just curious,is anybody here using more than one Foot

--- ".David.Auker." <DaVAuk@Hevanet.com> wrote:

> I'm curious if anyone is controlling both the EDP
> and Repeater with the 
> FCB.   Care to share how you have the presets
> configured?
> I have a few banks set up, but need to do some
> "housecleaning" in there 
> for more conciseness, less duplication.  One issue
> is I have both Ex 
> Pedals tied up for Repeater, and need to free one
> for EDP Volume and 
> Feedback control.  
> Fun I've been having: pre-set Repeater for Reverse,
> then one FCB Preset 
> starts both EDP and Repeater recording, with another
> tap for the loop to 
> begin.  Then I tap another Preset to Forward
> Repeater, so I have both 
> forward and backward going simultaneously...
> .David.


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