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query 'real time live looping'


i can imagine this is a popular question but ive scrawled the website with
no luck so any help would be much appreciated,

i play as the only guitarist in a three piece punk rock band i had the idea
to get a BOss rc-20 so i could record a chord progression or a part of  a
song so it loops and then play lead over it.

 i nearly bought one but then i read in reviews its almost impossible to 
the loop to sync naturally with the drums obviously i have it in mind to 
this regularly live.

is their a product that i could do this with? because we are a predominatly
live and untechnical band no song or set is ever exactley the same so
incorporating samplers,triggers and midi clocks would be  really difficult,
i just want some thing i can stamp on to record and stamp on to stop and
stamp on to wipe.

thanks to anyone who reads this, and again any advice would be great and i
dont have much money to spend so cheap and simple solutions 

many thanks


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