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Re: query 'real time live looping'

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Rachel Goulding wrote:

> hey
> i can imagine this is a popular question but ive scrawled the website 
> no luck so any help would be much appreciated,
> i play as the only guitarist in a three piece punk rock band i had the 
> to get a BOss rc-20 so i could record a chord progression or a part of  a
> song so it loops and then play lead over it.
> i nearly bought one but then i read in reviews its almost impossible to 
> the loop to sync naturally with the drums obviously i have it in mind to 
> this regularly live.
> is their a product that i could do this with? because we are a 
> live and untechnical band no song or set is ever exactley the same so
> incorporating samplers,triggers and midi clocks would be  really 
> i just want some thing i can stamp on to record and stamp on to stop and
> stamp on to wipe.
> thanks to anyone who reads this, and again any advice would be great and 
> dont have much money to spend so cheap and simple solutions
> many thanks
> Rachel

For simple as you describe, I suggest looking for an Akai Headrush. 
There's two versions, the older silver Headrush E1 (out of production), 
and a blue Headrush E2 (currently in production, I think). I have an E1 - 
it does up to about 11 seconds of loop that you can then record another 
layer on top of, or 21 seconds of loop that you can't record another layer 
onto. (In both cases of course, you can play live over the playing loop.)
The Headrush also tends to be cheaper than the RC-20 (XL or not).

Steve B