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Re: 2 usb midi-keyboard to use together

I forget how many USB ports the iBooks have--are you powering the
keyboards via the USB or do you have an external hub?  If the combined
power draw of the two devices is too high, you may need to use an
external powered hub.


On 11/9/05, obadia <firlgriend@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> hello list,
> long time no write.
> i have a simple request: i'm trying to connect 2
> different USB keyboards to my iBook (to use together
> with Live+SooperLooper). Live can see both midi
> devices but only one keyboard works when the 2 are
> connected via USB.
> any suggestion?
> thank you for any help.
> ps: the midi controllers are an Oxygen8 by M-Audio and
> a tiny eKeys by Evolution.
> Stéphane
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