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Re: Reaktor

> mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:
> Of course Reaktor can do things the Echoplex cannot do,
> most software loopers can.
> But having spent a considerable amount of time myself building
> something that behaves similar to an EDP, I feel comfortable
> claiming that there is no way Reaktor can do *everything*
> an Echoplex does, at least not wiring together pre-built
> "modules".
> Can you get half way?  Probably.  Can you do 80% of
> every feature?  Possibly but I doubt it.  Can you do
> everything that the majority of Echoplex owners actually
> end up using?  Quite likely.  But that's not *everything*.
> How about:
>       SamplerStyle=Once
>       Sync=OutUserStart
>       MuteQuantMIDIStartSong
>       Loop Windowing
> And we're not even scratching the surface.  If you want to forgo
> pre-built modules and write C code, then sure but you're basically
> just writing a VST plugin at that point, why limit yourself to
> a Reaktor host?
> Jeff

I'm pretty sure Loop Windowing could be done using the Audio Table module. 
I'll look up the other functions. I don't have Reaktor 5 yet; Reaktor 4
doesn't have modules for dealing with MIDI Sysex Data, but I think they
added that in version 5. I'm pretty sure there are already modules for
sending MIDI Synch signals. I think there's one for the Start Song
message, too. I believe it responds either to the MIDI message or to 
the play button at the top of the screen.

I'll do some more research.

Mark Smart