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Re: Reaktor

If you want to have undo capability, then they have to be recorded on 
decks (this is what's happening inside the Echoplex, of course). But 
rearranging it so that one Tapedeck's playback gets mixed with the input 
and recorded into a different Tapedeck would be trivial. You could 
set it up so that it ping-pongs between:

Mix the input with Tapedeck 1's playback and record this into Tapedeck 2.


Mix the input with Tapedeck 2's playback and record this into Tapedeck 1.

Then you could overdub all you want.

I haven't used the Audio Table module much and it has a lot of features.
One of them might be to mix incoming data with what's there, not sure.
I'm at work so I don't have access to the Reaktor or Echoplex manuals.

Mark Smart

What you've described doesn't sound like overdubbing, but rather the creation of simultaneous synchronized loops, each with one layer of audio data.  What comes out of the speakers sounds like an overdub, but it's still two tracks.  If I want sixteen layers of recorded audio playing at the same time, do I have to pre-define sixteen Tapedecks?

I loved Legos, but I remember it was hard to make something that wasn't Lego-component shaped.  Like, curves.


On 11/9/05, mwsmart@insightbb.com <mwsmart@insightbb.com > wrote:

You can configure Reaktor to do pretty much anything, it's like audio LEGOs.

Overdub would be no problem. You have to build this stuff yourself out of
the modules, but almost anything is possible.

I haven't tried it, but I think I can do overdub even on that very basic looper
I posted, just by settings the buttons like this:

1. Record on Tapedeck 1
2. Play back Tapedeck 1 while recording on Tapedeck 2.
3. Play back Tapedecks 1 and 2. Solo over the top.
4. Stop playing Tapedeck 2 but leave Tapedeck 1 playing (like Undo).

This basic looper I built only has 3 loop capacity, but you
could expand that to any number by adding more Tapedecks and rows
to the sequencer.

Also, if you didn't like the sequencer idea that I have here,
you could rebuild it like an Echoplex where there are multiple
pedals controlling multiple functions. I did it with a sequencer
because I wanted to have three or four things happening at once
and to have the prerecorded drum loops and hits all synchronized.

Maybe you haven't used Reaktor, it is the most powerful sound generation
program I've ever seen other than Kyma and maybe Max/MSP.

Mark Smart