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RE: Synchronizing Real Time Drumming with a Prerecorded Loop was Re:query 'real time live looping'

 >> Ploytec 34One

 >>Yes, I bought one of these and they work well--but I'm not using 
mine, and would be willing to sell it. Gary

Thanks, Gary.  My drummer friend claims the DrumKat can accept tap tempo 
input and send midi clock to downstream devices.  We'll try this and 
then see if it makes for a good performance including tempo changes.  I 
can see a few trainwrecks ahead if we cross our signals...

For my solo set-up, I can send tap tempo messages directly to the 
Repeater in 'User' mode from the FCB1010.  Alternatively, I can manage 
MIDI clock in 'MIDI' mode from a little Boss DR-660 drum machine - the 
latter works pretty good for locking the Repeater to Fantom XR rhythm 
patterns (drum loops).  Haven't figured out how to slave the Axon 
arpeggiator to the DR-660 clock at the same time.....  Onward and upward!

Dan Ash
White Plains, NY