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Re: Reaktor

mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:
> If you want to have undo capability, then they have to be recorded on 
> decks (this is what's happening inside the Echoplex, of course).

No not really.  The Echoplex is more like one "deck" with a really long
piece of tape and a feedback loop that allows you to copy things that
have already been played and merge them with what is being recorded.
Undo is just "rewinding" the tape.

 > But rearranging it so that one Tapedeck's playback gets mixed with the 
> and recorded into a different Tapedeck would be trivial. You could 
> set it up so that it ping-pongs between:

That's closer but you don't get "undo to zero".  You could only undo
back one loop if you were ping-ponging between two decks.  With the 
(subject to memory restrictions and certain functions) you can create any 
of overdubs, then stop and use Long Undo or Loop Windowing to seamlessly 
back in time until you've returned to the very first loop you recorded.