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still clean since zurick

yikes.....all this gear talk, reaktor, mod fxs, cr8000s.....does it ever end?.....:)....i added my cz5000 into the "aux in" of my rang, the carvin goes into the main input this then goes to my mackie 1202 and scoots through my Q2 for some verb, did try some of the tap tempo presets but found them to be a bit too forced.....it becomes more and more interesting to not have knobs to twist nor pedals to push.....i'm really finding out what sound my guitar has rather than mad-cap ineko/btrman freak outs.....i keep telling myself that this is good to be clean, my "playing" is improving and my sense of "composition" is getting better.....sure!.....i don't know how much longer i can hold out with all my little friends hangin out around me!.....and another strange thing is happing, i no longer want to record my music.....i can hear a big sigh of relief out there in looplandia!.....i don't know what's up with that.....:)m