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VF-1 controller question

Hey Gang:
I was wondering if youse guys could help me with a VF-1 question. I am almost done buying all the fabulous little extras needed to become Rackmount Man after 25 years of stompboxes.... the rack itself, all the TRS cables, SPDIF cable, MIDI controller, MIDI cable, yada yada yada, and finally getting the feel for the owner's manuals. One thing confuses me, though:
On page 13, under item 12 (EXP PEDAL/CTL 1,2), it sez "either an expression pedal or a foot switch can be connected here, and used to step up/downthrough patch numbers." I am guessing that my Peavey 2-button TRS footswitch should work fine if I configure the box to accept latching versus momentary. 
I want to be able to switch the unit on and off without using my MIDI Buddy, and the manual shows me how (I think), but as far as scrolling through the presets a la Vortex, well, pg 13 is the only place that makes any mention of that.
(Yes, I know changing the patches is what the MIDI Buddy is for, and I shouldn't be such a MIDIOT, but I want the option to leave the MIDI controller home in the interest of saving space and weight.)
Ideally, I'd control the Vortex and MPX-500 with my gen-yoo-wine Lexicon TRS footswitches, and  run the VF-1 with either the simple footswitch or the MIDI buddy.
Anyway, does anyone have any wisdom they'd like to impart to Timmy Technophobe? I'd be very grateful.
Yours in Herbert Eimert,
Tim "Un-Stableboy" Mungenast
Timothy Mungenast
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