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Re: VF-1 controller question

Hi Tim, 

Without answering actually answering your question, I find the use of an
expression pedal adds considerably to the VF-1's functionality, not least
because you can control up to four parameters with the one pedal. (You can
do the same over MIDI of course).

Because there are 200 user memory locations I find it more practical to
select patches by MIDI program changes.

If you'd find it useful, here's a schematic for an expression pedal:

              50k ohm linear
|               |            |
|               |            |
|               |            |
*               *            *
track           wiper        earth/ground

ring            tip          sleeve    (to VF-1)

If you have a footpedal with different connections (like the Yamaha ones)
you can make a little adaptor with an in-line TRS socket and plug.

>From you email it looks like you don't have a MIDI foot controller in 
case it's worth looking into the categories you can use in the VF-1 so you
can have a reduced set to scroll through.

You can turn the VF-1 effects on and off from the front panel with one
button press if that helps.

> From: Timothy Mungenast <mungenast@earthlink.net>
> Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 21:25:01 -0500
> To: Loopers-Delight <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Subject: VF-1 controller question
> Hey Gang:
> I was wondering if youse guys could help me with a VF-1 question. I am 
> done buying all the fabulous little extras needed to become Rackmount Man
> after 25 years of stompboxes.... the rack itself, all the TRS cables, 
> cable, MIDI controller, MIDI cable, yada yada yada, and finally getting 
> feel for the owner's manuals. One thing confuses me, though:
> On page 13, under item 12 (EXP PEDAL/CTL 1,2), it sez "either an 
> pedal or a foot switch can be connected here, and used to step 
> patch numbers." I am guessing that my Peavey 2-button TRS footswitch 
> work fine if I configure the box to accept latching versus momentary.
> I want to be able to switch the unit on and off without using my MIDI 
> and the manual shows me how (I think), but as far as scrolling through 
> presets a la Vortex, well, pg 13 is the only place that makes any 
>mention of
> that. 
> (Yes, I know changing the patches is what the MIDI Buddy is for, and I
> shouldn't be such a MIDIOT, but I want the option to leave the MIDI 
> home in the interest of saving space and weight.)
> Ideally, I'd control the Vortex and MPX-500 with my gen-yoo-wine Lexicon 
> footswitches, and  run the VF-1 with either the simple footswitch or the 
> buddy. 
> Anyway, does anyone have any wisdom they'd like to impart to Timmy
> Technophobe? I'd be very grateful.
> Yours in Herbert Eimert,
> Tim "Un-Stableboy" Mungenast
> www.mungenast.com <http://www.mungenast.com>
> www.myspace.com/timmungenast <http://www.myspace.com/timmungenast>