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Re: [LOOP] World instruments samples?

On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, mark sottilaro wrote:

> In my move to software for my sequenced loops (Native
> Instrument's Battery 2 running in conjunction with
> Digital Performer, I've run into the issue that
> Battery doesn't come with any
> Indian/Asian/Pacific-Island...
> you know the deal.
> I've got TONS of trap kits and the like but I'm asking
> what ethnic/world instrument libraries people find to
> be good.  If it's a virtual instrument it must be a
> Mac OSX deal.

Swarshala has been mentioned on this list, but I don't think it's been 
mentioned since they ported it to OS X.

The library is called Swartra, avilable separately, and also is available 
for OS X. 

Steve B