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Re: [LOOP] World instruments samples?

I've been using a software called TaalMala, just for tabla and Pakhawaj 
indian drum samples, they're tunable and of course you can set tempo's, 
can also take the taals apart and reconfigure them to suit yourself and 
save the results. It's not too badly priced (60.00 for the full featured 
package) as well. They also have a larger program that includes 14 
different Indian instruments, I think it's about 150.00 for the full 

Paul Haslem
Ontario, Canada

At 08:10 PM 11/16/2005, you wrote:

>On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, mark sottilaro wrote:
>>In my move to software for my sequenced loops (Native
>>Instrument's Battery 2 running in conjunction with
>>Digital Performer, I've run into the issue that
>>Battery doesn't come with any
>>you know the deal.
>>I've got TONS of trap kits and the like but I'm asking
>>what ethnic/world instrument libraries people find to
>>be good.  If it's a virtual instrument it must be a
>>Mac OSX deal.
>Swarshala has been mentioned on this list, but I don't think it's been 
>mentioned since they ported it to OS X.
>The library is called Swartra, avilable separately, and also is available 
>for OS X. http://www.swarsystems.com/
>Steve B