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Naming a software looper

Thanks, Stephen. I agree with you that names are important. That's why I'm
struggling with it.

I had a dream right before I woke up this morning - I don't remember what
the dream was about, but one word was prominent in it: Helio. It doesn't
have anything to do with looping, but then neither does Ableton (many other
products are not named to reflect their capabilities). A dictionary search
reveals that "Helios" was the god of the sun or something like that.

So there's one name. Another that I thought of was MultiLoop, but I'm not
sure how well that really reflects anything. I also thought of "FNEZ 
(read it out loud), but that's a bit on the crude side, I guess. One person
I talked to liked it, someone else cringed. Cringing is not good.

The things that are most unique about this looper (I think, I hope) are:

- instant gratification, easy learning curve
- Can be operated in hands-free mode; works with most footcontrollers (but 
multi-bank footcontroller is best; basic functions can be in the first 
advanced functions in others)
- CD-quality, stereo looping
- loop layers are independently mutable and re-mixable
- built in digital multitrack recorder makes pristine recordings of your
live playing, your loops and aux inputs (like the people you're playing
- peak limiting on the output. In later versions, different forms of
multiband compression will be supported
- with a touch of your toe (here I go into marketing-speak), you can save
all the loops into individual files for later processing with Acid or the
DAW of your choice.
- PC (XP) and MAC (OS/X)
- affordability - I anticipate 3 versions, one at $89 or so, one at $199 
one at $299.
- support for VST plugins to modify the input to the looper and the total
mix output

At present, it's a fairly basic looper/recorder. In addition to the basic
looper, reverse is there, as well as continuously-varying playback speed,
controlled by footpedal or mouse (the pitch changes, but it's a pretty good
effect). But the architecture is very solid, and I expect to be adding 
effects rapidly once I get past the initial hurdles of documentation,
installers, security (I hate dealing with sw security, but you gotta do 
press releases and all that stuff.

I put a couple of screenshots up at www.warrensirota.com/looper so you can
get a better idea.

I'd love naming suggestions suggestions and votes on the ones I've got:
Helio (or Helios) and MultiLoop.

Warren Sirota

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> From: S V G [mailto:vsyevolod@yahoo.com] 
> Sent: Friday, November 18, 2005 2:22 PM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V05 #746
>      Warren,
>      Naming can be a very powerful thing.  Especially if you 
> are able to describe within the name what is unique about the 
> object to be named.  Secondarily, the name can be pleasant to 
> the ear, or at least memorable.  Associations with other 
> products is usually not desireable.
>      When I hear the name AccuLoop, my mind immediately goes 
> to all the cheaply designed and built woodworking tools from 
> overseas.  "Accu" as a prefix, just doesn't instill 
> confidence in a product, at least to this boy.
>      Naming your looper has the potential to make it or break 
> it.  A good example is the software called Chopitch.  Does it 
> mean that your chops will start itching?
>      Good luck finding an appropriate name for it.  
> Currently, AccuLoop doesn't do much for me.
>      Regards,
>          Stephen
>      Warren wrote:
> It's a little hard for me to complete the docs, though, 
> because I'm at sea for a name. I'm thinking maybe AccuLoop. 
> Whaddya think? (that, totally without an explanation of what 
> makes it special, is not exactly an easy question - but 
> whether the name should be related to the specific features 
> or not is also not an easy one).
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