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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V05 #746


     Naming can be a very powerful thing.  Especially if you are able to 
describe within the name
what is unique about the object to be named.  Secondarily, the name can be 
pleasant to the ear, or
at least memorable.  Associations with other products is usually not 

     When I hear the name AccuLoop, my mind immediately goes to all the 
cheaply designed and built
woodworking tools from overseas.  "Accu" as a prefix, just doesn't instill 
confidence in a
product, at least to this boy.

     Naming your looper has the potential to make it or break it.  A good 
example is the software
called Chopitch.  Does it mean that your chops will start itching?

     Good luck finding an appropriate name for it.  Currently, AccuLoop 
doesn't do much for me.



     Warren wrote:
It's a little hard for me to complete the docs, though, because I'm at sea 
for a name. I'm
thinking maybe AccuLoop. Whaddya think? (that, totally without an 
explanation of what makes it
special, is not exactly an easy question - but whether the name should be 
related to the specific
features or not is also not an easy one).

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