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Re: New loop tool, sort of..stereo

I think I found that Scientific American article if anyone is
interested.  Unfortunately it's archived on their pay-to-download
section, though knowing which issue it's in may make it accessible at
your local library.


Eventually I'll get around to digging through my back issues to take a
look for myself, but for the time being, I'm 90% sure that's the


On 11/23/05, Todd Pafford <calenlas@gmail.com> wrote:
> I read an interesting article a couple of years back in Scientific
> American about a guy who was working on analyzing and modelling the
> way our ears locate sound.  I recall there being a good description
> about the way in which the asymetrical shapes of our ears allow us to
> place sound in 360 degrees based on minute differences in timing,
> timbre, phase, etc between the sounds reaching each ear.  Taking this
> information, some fancy math, and fast computers he was able to
> deliver a 360 degree sound field from just two speakers.  Or he was
> trying at any rate.  If I recall correctly, the system was real touchy
> regarding speaker and listener positioning.  Can't help but wonder
> whether he ever succeeded.  I'll see if I can't dig up more info on
> the article in case anyone is interested.