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Re: Stereo

It was just named that, I don't believe it was recorded binaurally.


On 11/25/05, gareth.whitcock <gareth.whitcock@ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Didn't Pearl Jam do a binaural album?
> Gareth
> stereo is a natural phenomenon, badly imitated by contemporary recording 
> distribution techniques, that typically use only the level & not the 
> component to locate something in a stereo panorama.
> several attempts have been made to record rock music using "accurate"
> techniqes- most notably, for my money, joe jackson's efforts in the early
> 80s.... "body & soul", I think it was.
> that's not to say that recordings can't be convincing &/or dramatic with 
> use of panning, artificial space & close-miking techniques.
> surround sound is necessary because the altered frequency response of the
> ear to sounds from behind the listener are different for every 
>individual, &
> can't be convincingly reproduced with standard two-channel equipment.
> I could go on for hours.....
> d.