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RE: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

Title: RE: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

>>Has anyone out there tried this with an EDP, Repeater DL4, etc?<<

yes- in fact, I posted to that effect a long time back. I used a dl4 & volume pedal in order to create some attackless sounds from a keyboard I was sampling. the dl4 was on one of it's cleaner settings- probably the digital delay with no modulation, & with the repeats turned up so as to sustain for a long time. then I "bowed" the keyboard into it using the volume pedal (gently fading it back out when the repeat came around) & filled up the delay time, before pressing "go" on the sampler.

I found that if you carry on filling the delay up (i.e. "overdub" your first pass) without letting things get out of hand, it effectively removes many, but not all, of the quirks & characteristics of the original sound that would make it hard to loop in a sampler (especially for keyboard playback- there's nothing worse that a warble or something that only reveals itself when you stray from the "root" note you sampled). you get a nice thick sample too, without too much chorussing happening (another sampler giveaway).

as a musical effect in it's own right, it's something that the /original/ jamman (we have to write that every time now, yes?) does very well in it's echo mode, on 15 or 16.

with sustained sounds into the repeater, one is almost obliged to do something like this because of the bump. the repeater reminds me of the wem copycat in this respect.... :-)

how many of us use the repeater as a long delay sometimes? i.e. turn the overdub down or even off, & use a mixer to control the feedback. it's quite good. if you make the first loop a silent one & then start building things up, there's no bump either.