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Re: New loop tool, sort of..stereo

If memory serves (and I am certain there is someone on this list who will 
illustrate to me just where memory does not serve), our hearing is not 
stereo, but rather binaural.  The diffrence being more than merely 
as binaural does not "limit" things to merely a R/L mix, rather 
encompassing, like our own hearing, a full 360o sound field.

The funny thing about sound is that it is not defined by its source, but 
rather by its target....hence that old riddle involving a tree which falls 
in the forest...

Even a mono sound can be "heard" in stereo (or to be more correct, 

And, I supopose next should come a call out for a "true binaural looper"!

"Stereophonic Sound", as it used to be called, is actually a somewhat 
limited, and feeble, attempt to emulate (or even model?) the natural 
binaural hearing traits.  Stereo is more a mental state than a physical 
state of "hearing".  Even people who have lost hearing in one ear (and 
perhaps David Torn and Marcus Miller can attest to this) are still able to 
"hear" in stereo.

And, while stereo does create an interesting and enhanced (albeit 
artificial) listening field, many people actually still prefer to listen 
mono where timning, frequency and phase issues are not clouded or masked 
the stereo image (how do you check your mixes?)