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RE: Time travel

The time travel is handled elegantly and it's also
a very powerful romance. (Not trying to scare anyone off.)

Scott M2

> Time warping - good idea, possibly in a later version :-)
> By the way - on the subject of time travel - I'm currently 
> reading "The Time
> Traveler's Wife". I highly recommend it. The premise is that 
> there's this
> guy who uncontrollably, spontaneously, time travels to points 
> +/- 50 years
> from his present, mostly into his past, and keeps visiting 
> mostly his wife
> and sometimes his past self. So he first meets his wife (or, 
> I should rather
> say, his wife first meets him) when he's 40 and she's 6, although he's
> "really" 8 years older than her.  Sometimes, as in that 
> scenario, he has
> knowledge of her future that she doesn't have, and other 
> times, like when
> she's 20 and he's 28 (realtime), she has knowledge of *his* 
> future (she
> knows the 40-year old already). It's a unique, subtle and interesting
> variant on a fascinating but often tired theme.
> Best wishes,
> Warren Sirota