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Making time (was RE: Time travel)

I'll check out the book for sure (when I finish the
cyberpunk "VURT" I'm reading now)

But towards more serious conversation OT, it took me
about 35 years to find out that the world is full of
things that don't want you to loop... or play music of
any kind and only one way to "Just do it" (and by that
Nike means go to the local Footlocker and buy their

Get yourself some sort of PDA (my simple Nokie phone
has a good enough calander app with an alarm) and PUT
IT IN YOUR SCHEDULE.  If something else comes up
that's invading your loop time ask yourself "does this
mean more to me than looping?" or "can this wait until
another time?" and you'll find that you'll play a lot

It's hard though.  Takes descipline.  That beeping
phone does help though.


--- Scott M2 <scott@dreamstate.to> wrote:

> The time travel is handled elegantly and it's also
> a very powerful romance. (Not trying to scare anyone
> off.)
> Cheers,
> Scott M2
> http://www.dreamSTATE.to
> ambientelectronicsoundscapes
> http://www.THEAMBiENTPiNG.com
> > Time warping - good idea, possibly in a later
> version :-)
> > 
> > By the way - on the subject of time travel - I'm
> currently 
> > reading "The Time
> > Traveler's Wife". I highly recommend it. The
> premise is that 
> > there's this
> > guy who uncontrollably, spontaneously, time
> travels to points 
> > +/- 50 years
> > from his present, mostly into his past, and keeps
> visiting 
> > mostly his wife
> > and sometimes his past self. So he first meets his
> wife (or, 
> > I should rather
> > say, his wife first meets him) when he's 40 and
> she's 6, although he's
> > "really" 8 years older than her.  Sometimes, as in
> that 
> > scenario, he has
> > knowledge of her future that she doesn't have, and
> other 
> > times, like when
> > she's 20 and he's 28 (realtime), she has knowledge
> of *his* 
> > future (she
> > knows the 40-year old already). It's a unique,
> subtle and interesting
> > variant on a fascinating but often tired theme.
> > 
> > Best wishes,
> > Warren Sirota

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