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Re: EDP RoundMode

>Jeff Larson wrote:
>>.David.Auker. wrote:
>>>Any "nutshell" overviews on EDP RoundMode parameter?  This change 
>>>from off and on (rnd) seems pretty subtle.  I know there are lots 
>>>of "ifs!"
>>It determines whether new audio is recorded when you are ending
>>an Insert or Multiply.  The pictures on pages 5-11 and 5-29 have
>>the best explanation.  It will only have an effect if Quantize=Off
>>or SubCycle.
>Thanks, I was thinking it might have other considerations, too.  I 
>need more experience changing parameters to make the reasoning more 
>clear.  There must be situations where Quantize=off, but the 
>features of RoundMode desired.  Lots of ways to get around to make 
>this a personal tool!

hm... this makes it look complicated. :-(
there are several degrees of acuracy vs freedom:
- quantized:
    total acuracy no freedom
- Rounded with RoundMode on:
    recording lenght is exactly multiple cycles
- Rounded with RoundMode off:
    loop lenght is exactly multiple cycles.
    recording length as long as Multiply-Multiply tap (or 
- Unrounded (Multi-Record):
    full freedom

for me personally, RoundMode needs to be off.
If I want to make sure that the whole loop is overdubbed, I rather 
use Multiply-Overdub than having the machine cut precisely somewhere 
in the middle of a note.
This is different for someone who plays acurately and consciously 
because he can play in the patern of the machine. But such character 
maybe rather prefers quantized anyway...

Before we had Quantize Ljubo wanted this rounding option, and it made 
sense to me. In the LOOP delay it was an internal DIP switch  :-)
then we just carried it on...
Does anyone else use and like RoundMode = on ?

Jeff said:
>The name is a bit confusing IMO because it suggests that it controls
>whether Insert/Multiply will do rounding which it doesn't.  A more
>accurate name would be RecordDuringRounding but that's of course
>harder to print on the front panel :-)

exactly. First we called it LjuboMode - at least not missleading :-)

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