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Re: EDP RoundMode

Jeff Larson wrote:

> .David.Auker. wrote:
>> Any "nutshell" overviews on EDP RoundMode parameter?  This change 
>> from off and on (rnd) seems pretty subtle.  I know there are lots of 
>> "ifs!"
> It determines whether new audio is recorded when you are ending
> an Insert or Multiply.  The pictures on pages 5-11 and 5-29 have
> the best explanation.  It will only have an effect if Quantize=Off
> or SubCycle.

Thanks, I was thinking it might have other considerations, too.  I need 
more experience changing parameters to make the reasoning more clear.  
There must be situations where Quantize=off, but the features of 
RoundMode desired.  Lots of ways to get around to make this a personal