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Re: EDP RoundMode

.David.Auker. wrote:
> Thanks, I was thinking it might have other considerations, too.  I need 
> more experience changing parameters to make the reasoning more clear.  
> There must be situations where Quantize=off, but the features of 
> RoundMode desired.

RoundMode is only meaningful when Quantize=off (or subcycle in some cases).
When Quantize=cycle or loop, then the start and end of the multiply will 
be quantized to a cycle boundary anyway so there will be no "rounding 
during which RoundMode decides whether or not you will record.

The name is a bit confusing IMO because it suggests that it controls
whether Insert/Multiply will do rounding which it doesn't.  A more
accurate name would be RecordDuringRounding but that's of course
harder to print on the front panel :-)