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Re:Plea for help with Elotronnix!

>I have Adobe Audition, which accepts VST plugins, and I found 
>Elotronnix, which is way too cool, but I can't seem to get the 
>Elotronnix plugin to work correctly.  I can record a track live on 
>Audition, with Elotronnix engaged, but it doesn't repeat 
>anything.  With no change in settings I hit "STOP" and "PLAY" and 
>the phrase I just recorded is piped through the Elotronnix plug-in 
>and makes the most lovely ambient sound - but I can't control the 
>timing and play along with what I've already laid down.  Can someone 
>help me?  I'm afraid the PDF that came along with Elotronnix didn't 
>help.  I think it's Audition that I need to tweek, but I can't figure it 

Elotronnix is designed for realtime playing (isn't it?)
Audition isn't intended for realtime playing.

So you need a vst host for playing through.
Plogue Bidule is pretty good, but there's some small free hosts about just
for live FX if you search about for them (anyone?)

If you still want to record into Audition then
a "virtual audio patch cable" will connect the live host
to audition. (or so they say, I've not tried it)

If you go for Bidule, then that should allow you to record as well,
(it's free to try out) , and then you could load the resulting file 
into Audition.

andy butler