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Re:Re: New loop tool, sort of..stereo

>If memory serves (and I am certain there is 
>someone on this list who will illustrate to me 
>just where memory does not serve), our hearing 
>is not stereo, but rather binaural.  The 
>diffrence being more than merely semantic as 
>binaural does not "limit" things to merely a R/L 
>mix, rather encompassing, like our own hearing, a full 360o sound field.

well I dunno, the free online dictionary has it this way

ster∑e∑o∑phon∑ic (str--fnk, stÓr-)
Of or used in a sound-reproduction system that 
uses two or more separate channels to give a more 
natural distribution of sound.

which is how I was thinking when Bill said a piano isn't stereo.

But common usage these days seems to be stereo = 2 ch.
...and of course I now get what Bill says, that you can't capture a piano
with 2 channels

With a digital piano, I think there's possibly a 
different reason why 2-ch stereo sounds better.
I notice that the digi-piano sounds quite realistic playing a single note,
but there's a kind of fuzzy-ness to be heard as the number of simultaneous
notes increases. (which gets worse for discords).
Some kind of interference/intermodulation between the notes which
presumably is reduced by spreading the notes across 2 channels.

andy butler