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Tony K posted these and I really enjoyed them a lot.

1. RazorWire Necklace.   A D50 and a Korg M3R run through, um, everything. 
If anybody needs to know what 'everything' is, I can post it.
URL- http://www.thinginajar.com/bigtony/RazorWire Necklace.mp3
(you may have to cut and paste that link, since it's got a space in it)

2. Pulse.  An Alesis SR16 drum machine through everything again.  The only 
sound generator is the SR16.  Everything else is manipulation of the toys. 
URL : http://www.thinginajar.com/bigtony/Pulse.mp3

Conversations with Tony and the latter piece led me to start a 
tribe.net with an attendent yahoo group 
for people to post files to)
dedicated to those people who find processing drum machines to create 
new and unusual
musical pieces a very fun thing.

I'm also considering producing a WEIRD DRUM MACHINE FESTIVAL at some point 
next year if I can find
a suitable venue for it.    Let me know if anyone is interested in 
performing a 15-30 minute set using only drum machine(s)
and processing gear.................no other instruments at all.

I have loved using drum machines as the sole sound source for a 
and have
been inspired by Matt Davignon's brilliant new CD,  BWOO and also by
Lx Rudis' live looping work at Y2K4.

Come join us and post a weird drum machine sound file.

Yours,  Rick Walker