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Re: EDP preset secret???

I use only two most of the time--the first with loopcopy set to
sound,quantizing set to cycle, and auto-record on, and the second with
loopcopy and quantizing turned off.  I use the first to build pieces
off a foundation loop (usually either percussion tapped out on the
guitar or an ostinato), I use the second for pieces which have
multiple sections which contain no common audio.


On 11/24/05, .David.Auker. <DaVAuk@hevanet.com> wrote:
> Bernard, Travis: thanks.  I was looking right at it, but the concept of
> "Editor" as where I'd save Preset wasn't jumping out at me, like it
> should have.
> I know it depends on personal style (and experience), but here's a
> question: do you find you're using quite a few Presets (wow, 15 storage
> slots)?  Lots of parameters (over 50), but there must be some big ones
> you change between frequently (Quantize and 8ths?)
> ~David