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Re: New here and looking for a looping device


thanks for your long answer and for clearing up the things a bit, I was 
not 100 percently sure where the differences between a looper and a 
delay were. I work in the same way as you did with the delays, using a 
volume pedal and another pedal for feedback control. And I agree with 
you about always using the maximum delay time, once you set the delay 
time it is rather fixed and you cannot decide spotanously if your loop 
is long enough and stop. I will test the Boss DD20 soon, which includes 
23 seconds delay and a 23 second looper, so I can get familiar with the 
differences between the two ways and see which one of them works better 
for me.

Best regards, Janosch

David Coffin schrieb:

> Welcome, Janosch
> I thought there was a topic on this I could direct you to at the 
> loopers delight site, but I can’t find it, so here’s a brief 
> over-simplified run-down on an essential point you probably already 
> understand, but just in case:
> Loopers VS. Delays
> Some devices, like the EDP, Boomerang, and the Boss Loop Station (and 
> up-coming RC-50) are dedicated loopers: You set the loop time on the 
> fly, with foot-switches, so that you set them running with a click, 
> then decide when you’ve recorded enough with another click, which also 
> starts playback from the beginning. There aren’t many of these devices 
> to pick from.
> Most other ”looping” devices are actually long delay lines: they are 
> always looping and the loop length is equal to the delay time; you 
> can’t reset this while you’re recording. Sounds like all the devices 
> you’ve used so far are delays.
> I also started with long delay devices, using a volume pedal in front 
> for over-dubs and the feedback controls to replace/fade out; whatever 
> delay time you set (usually the maximum), you get very good at playing 
> to fit...and you also tend to make this the default loop-length for 
> everything you create. When I got an EDP—a looper, not a delay—my 
> looping experience changed significantly, simply because I could for 
> all practical purposes record as long or as little as I wanted before 
> deciding to start playback. It was sort of like losing a pulse and 
> gaining spontaneity: no more anticipating the end of the delay time 
> looming up ahead, or wishing it was longer or shorter. It’s nice, of 
> course, to have both types of tool at your disposal; if you can only 
> have one, you should certainly try them both before you settle. Good 
> hunting!