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Re: vintage eh16

hey ted thanx fer the props!
yeah i got the footcontroller for the EH16DDL too-very cool idea they had
for that.
i never use it tho'...i see the unit as a hand held device-and as far as
repair-nonexistant afaik-
i have talked to NelsCline about repair and he said "its tuff, there used 
be a guy in Texas, but..."

on 4/1/06 8:12 AM, tEd  kiLLiAn at tedkillian@charter.net wrote:
> Anywho, that's about enough. It brought back memories just thinking
> about
> those days. I can no longer give you current advice on the things. Like
> where
> is a decent repair shop or what have you. But that's what Stan Card
> (Stan-o-saur)
> and some of these other cats on the list can help you with. Stan is an
> amazing
> surf guitar player who uses EH16 loops and is simply amazing to watch.
> I bet
> he'll have bunches o' advice for you. If you get a chance to hear him
> perform
> sometime, he'll pin yer ears back too.
> Have fun!
> tEd  kiLLiAn