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Re: vintage eh16


Yeah. there used to be a Vietnamese guy in NYC who repaired them
too. I did my homework (just in case). I think he used to work in Mike
Matthews' former downtown tenement /hole/factory building as
assembly/tech/QC staff or something. Vic Van Tran something
or other . . . I forget. Very asian name and heavy accent.

Nels has used his 16 for a long time. Used to set it on top of an amp (or a stool)
at the side to keep it handy -- nobody likes to bend over. We all figure out
ways around it. Hehehe. My MO was to use the footpedal and keep the
EH16 in a waist-high "desk" of sorts that I made to house all my EH FX
-- I liked to work the sliders and the modulation controls as well.

Nels used to have a regular gig in L.A. (Santa Monica actually) down
at a place called the Alligator Lounge. Jeff Kaiser and I used to go there
all the time. I played there a time or two too. New Music Mondays I think
is what they called it. Jeff Kaiser has played there a few times as well.
Them was the days. Hehehe. I've probably seen Nels a dozen times
and shared the same stage on a couple.

He was always someone who we/everyone said shoulda be BIG. But wasn't
for some reason at the time. Now he's with Wilco and on the cover of GP
and finally well and fairly acknowledged. He deserves avery bit of it.

He's a nice guy. I was feeling really, REALLY depressed at the bar after
a totally "crap" set at the Alligator once and he came up spontaneously
and volunteered some very kind and encouraging words. I'll never forget that.


tEd kiLLiAn

On Apr 1, 2006, at 2:03 PM, stanitarium wrote:

hey ted thanx fer the props!
yeah i got the footcontroller for the EH16DDL too-very cool idea they had
for that.
i never use it tho'...i see the unit as a hand held device-and as far as
repair-nonexistant afaik-
i have talked to NelsCline about repair and he said "its tuff, there used to
be a guy in Texas, but..."

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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