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Re: Looperlative 1st report

Quick survey: anyone else think MIDI sync improvements are worthwhile?  If even 5 of us say it's important, that's roughly 20% of the installed user base!  (until the June batch ships, then we'll be about 8%).

Hi all,
    I think MIDI sync is very important in this box.  I believe it will help sell more LP1's but I purchased mine (next batch) not only to get in on the ground floor of the development and to help a budding new developer but also for exactly what this box is currently doing.  I have two EDP's which I love and will not part with.  I also have a Repeater, an EH16 reissue, a RC-20, a RC-20xl, a new Jamman, 2 DD-20's, an old TEAC Reel, old cassettes that I used in the 80's along with an old Boss Rackmount Delay which I could set for near infinite delay.  I started looping before I ever heard the term and became enamoured with the sounds.  I now feel that looping for me is an extension of instrument and self and I find it hard to play without it when working on small pieces.  It helps me develop faster and smarter so to get back to the MIDI sync issue yes it is important but it is a bonus as this box is it's own instrument like the others and it's personality will grow over time just like the EDP or any other of these loopers I listed as it is still the individual who gives live and use to the tool.  Where's my tea!  thanks for listening.