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Re: Re: Keller Williams / jam bands/ rc50

Jab and parry . . . So many tiny loopholes to rip us all with.  You've
really got *my* number Krispin. I guess you really are here just for the
mortal combat of it all.  I'll just move along now.  I have no intention of
continuing with all this beautiful wanking.  I can't believe you
characterize your spiteful negativity as "stimulating discourse", wow.

> I'm just waiting for someone to say "enough already" with this 
> rant...but I'm bored and will continue just once more, because I so much
> enjoy responding to Miko....
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Miko Biffle" <biffoz@arczip.com>
> >> Fake passion, real passion, purple passion, purple people eater
> > passion....the entertainment industry could care less. Like I said,
> > sometimes playing the "I'm sincere" card backfires, because people 
> > to
> > insincerity.
> >
> > How do you know it's insincere?  Because *you* think it is?  And if
> > "playing the sincere card", that's insincere!
> Hmmmm....maybe because they admit it?  I said "sometimes". So are you
> therefore
> saying that all people in the entertainment industry are always
> intentionally sincere?
> That appears to be the contrary of my claim, and quite an extrodinary one
> that.
> > Many actors step into and out of character, yet still retain their
> > integrity.
> You  just confimed my original point by saying "many"...that implies 
> are
> some who don't. Thank sfor doing my work for me. The world is not all
> and cream. "Some" people out there don't have integrity or are
> incincere, by our most common definitions of these terms.
> > > . . . For a creative guy, you're sounding somewhat intolerant.
> >
> > It doesn't matter what *we*, *others* or *I* know . . . it's about you.
> > your intent isn't to communicate honestly, it's about deceit.
> It's not about me, in this case.  I'm communicating
> a set of ideas, and it is irrelevant whether I believe in them or not.
> about
> the stimulation of discourse. One can communicate thoughts and ideas
> believing in all of them or taking everything personal.  Do you believe
> advancements in thought and understanding arise partly by heathly debate,
> synthesis,
> antithesis, etc?  I do. Or do I need to put a sticky note on my computer
> screen that
> says, "Note to self: When communicating with Miko, please ensure
> I
> say is a personal statement about myself and is utterly sincere and
> honest".  :)
> It's note even the right context to ask for that sort  of thing...we're
> exhanging ideas.
> man.....I'm not asking for a psychoanalysis. It's words on a computer
> that
> makes us think and feel. That I got a reaction out of you makes me happy
> [note, I'm
> being sincere here].
> > My belief is that however corny, contrived, or schlocky others perceive
> > someone's act to be, that person gets up in the morning and intends to
> > their best. If their best is cheesy to you, so what? They're being
> > and commiting to a plan of action. More power to them, and their honest
> > effort deserves respect. You don't have to like it, but it's worthy. Is
> > devil's advocate and poseur just-for-the-fake-of-it worthy?
> That's great. And you think someone here is disagreeing with you? I don't
> recall
> anyone saying Keller didn't deserve repect. I don't think you even need 
> argue your point above. Doesn't most everyone deserve this sort of
> Perhaps you should go back and read some of my original points, because 
> seems like this thread become fuzzy in light of what people are actually
> claiming
> and why.
> >> But, seriously, yes, I have experienced many magical moments from
> > simple pieces of performances.  I don't see your point, though. I was
> > intentionally marginalizing his performance with the observation that
> > he does is not particular difficult to do or that original and 
> > and
> > magical moments don't negate that fact.
> >
> > My point is to ask:  If it's so easy-if there's nothing unusual-if it's
> > all
> > ordinary and bland; what IS it that draws people and inspires them?  Is
> > intangible?  Spiritual?  Honest?  Pertinent?
> It could be a lot of things. And how does this relate to my original
> I seem to have lost how your comments map back to the original points.
> Sorry.
> K-