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RE: semi-OT: adrenalinn (was m-audio's Black box)

Title: RE: semi-OT: adrenalinn (was m-audio's Black box)

>>I found the Adrenalinn's amp models to be pretty crappy... at least in the v1.<<

they're a bit better in v2, & there are more of them.

my own issue with the adrenalinn is that the midi implementation is a bit weak, especially on the remote control side. given it's only got the two footswitches & nowhere to plug in an expression pedal, this confines it to the studio or mucking-about-at-home user. given it's parentage, this is genuinely odd & disappointing. I still like the thing a lot though. I use it for midi-synced effects that I don't want/need to mess with much, & I use an alesis bass-fx (cheap, nasty, great fun) for the occasions where an expression pedal is essential.

I won't ever take a laptop on-stage unless I am going to destroy it as part of the act.



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