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Re: semi-OT: adrenalinn (was m-audio's Black box)

On 12/7/06, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com> wrote:
> my own issue with the adrenalinn is that the midi implementation is a bit
> weak, especially on the remote control side. given it's only got the two
> footswitches & nowhere to plug in an expression pedal, this confines it 
> the studio or mucking-about-at-home user.

I think Adrenalinns great!  Simple, powerful, etc.  I use them in
performance connected to my EHX 16 sec delays which are also simple
yet powerful.  Sometimes I'll even connect two Adrenalinns to one of
my Evolvers for some extra fun.  Since they have such similar
interfaces, it's easy to stay in that mind set...