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Re: semi-OT: adrenalinn (was m-audio's Black box)

Hi all,

I've used an Adrenalinn from time to time. The one I have I bought second hand a few years back from a fellow looper on this list.

I've even found interesting (to me) ways of incorporating it into a live performance situation -- although I tend to agree it seems to be a creature made for the studio.

What I do is to reassign the output jacks so that the processed instrument and canned drum sounds go to different outputs.

Once having done that, my favorite things to do is run the drums through an Alesis Bitrman and totally trash them and then through the Vocoder patch on an Alesis Ineko.

Sounds like some sort of weird and weedy hybrid between the hip hop boom box from hell and a Farfisa organ.

Playing guitar on top of this (with timed FX) can sound kinda cool -- if you can imagine being into that sort of thing.


tEd ® kiLLiAn


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