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Re: Question about looping software

hi per
well, all i was saying is that there are products that use usb that - for me - provide more than acceptable results. i use an mbox for pro tools on my laptop, an m-audio fw410 (firewire 400) for live performing, and have been integrating the kore controller into my rig as an alternate to the 410 - due to its superb controller mapping capabilities. this would allow me to leave my behringer fader box behind and just travel with my laptop and kore. the thing that the fw410 brings is its multichannel output capabilities, but kore can do quad quite effortlessly and that is mostly what i do in surround. of course, is you're doing high sample rate recording then usb is not going to work for you, but for a beginner the wide range of usb interfaces are worth considering for their price/performance ratio, and the fact that you can find integrated products such as keyboards that include audio interfaces along with midi makes it even easier for someone with limited finances to get a foot in the door.

On Dec 8, 2006, at 12:06 PM, Per Boysen wrote:

"Wrong"? What do you mean by "wrong" in a general advice? I don't agree that NI Kore does justify USB as an optimal real-time transfer protocol for digital audio, I would rather say that Kore is a lucky exception ;-)  You can't seriously compare purchasing Kore with buying a cheap MIDI interface  and an AD/DA converter!  For a beginner that is to buy new gear, why take chances? I'd say it's better to look at the products that are available inside the budget you have set up and go for stuff that people have been using and given good reports on.


bruce tovsky


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