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Re: Loop IV

>another snack question.
>for all those who use Loop IV in your Plex.
>which new functions did you found more valuable?

the ability to edit little chunks of sound together

Half speed playback

better sync

using presets to set up for compositions that require certain edp tricks

Safe Mode for record ( a lifesaver in a live situation)

Configurable expression pedal ( which gave me a whole track on my cd, 
though I don't usually have it in my rig)

>it's worth the update for the extra tweakness?

Yes, especially with a MIDI controller.

Rarely though, an old EDP needs a very slight modification to run LoopIV.

>does these new additions help to create more complex structures 
>impossible to achieve with prior software version?

yes, in many ways, but what did you want to achieve

>I remain in Loop III mode ;-) ...

>the last one?

doesn't look like there'll be a loopV for that hardware, there's no 
more processing power available

>thanks fabio and all who replied.

andy butler