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Re: EDP NextLoop question

I don't think that'd work--if from Loop2 you send a Loop1 message, you go into the lame duck period as it waits for Loop2 to complete (I have to the EDP set for quantised loop switching for this to make musical sense) before going into playback of Loop1.  If you press Loop3 during the lame duck following the request for Loop1, I believe it just goes to Loop3 at the end of the lame duck, without transfering the audio playback to Loop1.  Those two manual button presses are the same, I believe, as sending both MIDI notes in the same button press, but maybe I'm mistaken.


On 12/17/06, a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

Possibly what you want can be accomplished with the right MIDI controller.

ie from loop2
send command to change to loop 1, and copy to loop3 all in one midi-button
.. it   *should* work

...can't do it with FCB1010 tho'

andy butler